What is AppButton?

  • Non-intrusive advertising for mobile that matches context with users
  • Integrates Advertisers’ Apps into other relevant mobile sites and apps
  • AppButtons appears in context to users predicted needs
  • AppButtons match user location to real-time product availability

Who can use AppButton?

  • They work on mobile sites and apps
  • Publishers with content-rich sites and apps e.g. entertainment, travel, fashion, blogs…
  • Publishers with transactional sites, such as travel, events, restaurant bookings…
  • Advertisers with apps for Ecommerce, Travel, Food…

AppButton – features

  • Deep-link into Mobile Apps from other Mobile Websites & Apps
  • Only real-time product inventory from Advertiser’s APIs is advertised
  • Target high-intent users via our Native media network
  • Post-click sales attribution measures post-install actions to optimise ROI

Smart ROI based mobile advertising

  • Attention grabbing as they’re contextual and native so grab users’ attention
  • Less likely to get blocked by AdBlockers as they’re relevant and non-intrusive
  • Better retention rates from higher engagement, conversion, usage & monetisation
  • Like Organic with high intent as AppButtons users want to complete an action
  • Pay-for-performance model drives higher ARPU like paid advertising, but at lower risk
  • Highly scalable – as long as your ‘profit-per-transaction’ > the CPA, you can scale

Tech features

  • Publisher SDKs for Android & iOS
  • Low code footprint at just 70KB
  • Works seamlessly with your existing Tracking Attribution Platforms/SDKs
  • Share the Context & Pass the User’s geo location and Screen information
  • Create a “placement” in your layout and we dynamically insert a button
  • Integrate the Publisher SDK and be up and running in < 30 minutes
Learn More and download the SDK >

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