Case Studies

Browse our case studies to see how we’ve optimised sales and value for our clients:

  • Affiliate Network – increasing value & profitability for a leading UK Home Insurance Advertiser. Learn more >
  • Mobile Advertising – driving in-app sales for a major Indian fashion e-commerce portal. Learn more >
  • Reward Solutions  – cross-sell campaigns for a major multinational insurance company. Learn more >
  • Native Advertising – generating test drive leads for a multi-national car manufacturer. Learn more >
  • Lead Generation – generating high quality leads for a leading Australian education advisor. Learn more >


Affiliate | Increasing value and profitability

A leading UK Home Insurance Advertiser wanted to increase individual policy value and profitability of sales within the performance advertising channel.

Optimise used an innovative ‚Bundle Builder’ that used product add-ons to enhance a customer incentive. The tech used enabled customers to select multiple additional product components and increase the value of their reward. The customer received an enhanced incentive with the Advertiser enjoying higher year one Gross Written Premium.

Optimise also introduced a value tier commission structure to reward Publishers for driving higher value premiums. The commercial structure safeguarded gross written premium for the advertiser, while proactively incentivising publishers to target better customers.

The gross written premium target for Optimise in 2015 was £2m. We delivered in excess of £4m gross written premium – more than double the target, with the affiliate channel driving over 50% of online gross written premiums, up from under 40% previously.

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Mobile Advertising | Driving in-app sales

A major Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal needed to increase mobile app installs whilst achieving a minimum conversion of 4% install to sale in order to achieve the required ROI on ad spend.

Optimise developed a commission model that made the CPI payout dependent on mobile publishers achieving the install to sale KPI; and structured the media spend so that install-focused publishers received higher budgets but lower payouts, and sale-focused publishers received lower budgets but higher payouts. This was designed to deliver high install volumes whilst achieving the install the sale conversion KPI.

Once launched, the campaign was optimised using the following tactics:

  • Post click attribution to track in-app sales from existing users
  • In-app deep-links, deferred deep-linking and intelligent links to direct to web or app
  • Poor performing affiliates were gradually removed to increase the CVR %
  • Hyper local targeting focused on the best performing cities (install to sale CVR)
  • SDK developed for affiliates to promote mobile optimised product & coupon feeds

Optimise increased the install to sale conversion rate from 2% to 5% whilst also delivering the volume targets. Quality KPIs are agreed and amended monthly, and a complete user journey set of KPIs developed to further optimise volume and value.

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Reward Solutions | Cross-sell

A major multinational insurance company wanted to deliver more home insurance sales from their existing customer base with minimal internal effort and cost.

Optimise implemented an incentive Marketing cross-sell solution which offered existing customers an M&S e-gift card incentive to encourage the purchase of home insurance. The innovative incentive solution used a ‘marketing widget’ to encourage registration for the cross-sell promotion, combined with robust tracking to record all activity from registration to quote to validated sale, and voucher fulfilment and customer enquiry management.

Our incentive marketing cross-sell solution delivered the sales targets within cost. The customer user journey was efficient and simple and delivery of vouchers and management of customer enquiries delivered within the required SLA. The cross-sell promotion has since become an established part of the client’s customer marketing programme.

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Native Advertising | Automotive

A multi-national car manufacturer ran a successful test drive lead gen campaign for over two years and then subsequently re-developed their website to create dedicated landing pages for each car model. The new challenges were how to distribute traffic within these landing pages and how to manage traffic volumes to each landing page depending on the commercial objectives and goals for each car model.

Optimise solution:

  • Buying Native media on a cost per unique visitor model
  • Planned and executed to deliver qualified volumes of monthly unique visitors
  • Custom audiences to be targeted to deliver high conversion rates from click to lead
  • Prospecting of higher converting look-a-like audiences
  • Campaign to be optimised towards unique visitors per landing page + leads

Optimise results:

  • Monthly unique visitor goals achieved
  • Click to qualified lead KPIs achieved
  • Average connect rate on site increased to 65%
  • Average time on site in excess of 1 minute
  • One car sold directly from a native ad!
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Lead Gen | Education

A leading Australian education and training course advisor needed qualified leads on a low cost, high quality basis, for Australians looking to achieve their career goals. The target demographic was 18+, AU wide, with a pre-qualifier of leads interested in studying to further their career. It was also imperative that the lead gen campaign communicated accurate, up to date and relevant information to prospective leads to help them make an informed decision.

Optimise used its comprehensive network of premium onsite lead generation publishers, which gives advertisers access to 50,000 qualified leads per month from the largest audience of Australian consumers available on a pay-per-lead basis.
Using its diverse lead gen network, Optimise were able to drill down and target the exact audience profile, not just demographically, but also through consumer behaviour and purchase intent, and deliver leads into the client’s sales team in real-time. This made the campaign highly efficient and cost effective as the client could quickly contact prospective customers who were expecting their call or email.

Since February 2016, Optimise have delivered over 100,000 pre-qualified leads for our client. Our team of campaign experts continue to work closely to ensure our client’s lead gen funnel is set up to engage only the most qualified and targeted respondents.

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